Love of Life. Love of Family. Appreciation for the Conquering Spirit.

"When you've gone through adversity or when you've seen someone battle through it, your heart is drawn toward the value of purpose, meaning and time well spent. The unseen realm becomes more vivid and in its wake the desire to be loved well, and the desire to love well rests upon you. Silence, music, reason, a brief word well spoken, a flower, a card, a hand, a shoulder, a piece of art, a word well written, a thought well expressed, anger, fear, forgiveness, laughter and tears, a long drive or a short walk, alone or with a "comforter"; all of these simple things have a new radiant beauty. It is in that place where a new found "Celebration of Life" is birthed."

Marsha B. Parker - Founder

At Refined Gatherings, Ltd. we understand that unique Survivor Celebration. "Whether it's setting a beautiful table for family and friends to gather around at home or adding elements of beauty to a space where a lot of time is spent, we help loved ones and survivors celebrate the radiant beauty of the understated."