"I LOVE LIFE & I hate cancer!"

After two bouts with breast cancer, Marsha decided to throw herself a 70's themed birthday party simply because....

She knew that she would invite family and friends, but there was a special group of people she had in mind as well, her students. Marsha wanted everyone, especially the teenagers, to have an evening of fun and celebration. The desired lasting impression was that they would walk away from her celebration of life, knowing that they had a pure blast. Marsha's dream came true when she returned to school on Monday; she was greeted with a dozen roses and expressions of gratitude for hosting a fun event. Some of the guests said, "That was the best party I've ever been to."

That one event became the catalyst for the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and teacher to plan more events, receive her diploma in bridal consulting, and establish Refined Gatherings Ltd .

The story continues. Jennifer, an associate at Refined Gatherings, Ltd., is one of Marsha's former students. Who would have imagined that this "once upon a time" auto body student would take her appreciation for the aesthetics of a car and transfer them to a "Signature Table." Jennifer is also a bridal consultant.

At Refined Gatherings Ltd. we enjoy seeing people gather together simply because .....

Even if it's something as simple as having friends over for breakfast, our pleasure is:

"Taking Your Ordinary Event To an Extraordinary Level."